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1995-12-31 - Madison Square Garden New York, NY

The very best version in my humble opinion. Not a wasted note in this jam.

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4th December 2015 at 02:33:09 AM Definitely desert island worthy.
5th December 2015 at 04:18:30 AM I agree, The BEST, Jerry, THE BEST.
27th April 2016 at 09:48:03 PM This is this my trump card Phish song. If I want to turn on someone to my obsession this one is a ringer.
27th April 2016 at 09:56:06 PM oh and they played the Beetles White Album in its entirety the next set. Drops mic.
2nd May 2016 at 11:07:54 AM @RibsMeatstick were you thinking of the 10/31/94 Reba? Also a great version.
7th May 2016 at 10:02:25 AM @Gumbomaniac ... you are right. I posted in the wrong "song" after going on a Reba run. Wish I could delete
25th April 2017 at 08:18:31 AM Trey's lick at the beginning of the jam is the most beautiful collection of notes I've ever heard. Never ceases to give me the chilly willys. Was also the first time I got *it*.