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Phish has played a lot of songs in the last 30 years. We want to find the best of the best. Login to submit your favorite version of each song, vote up or down, and comment on other submissions.

All of 2016 is now available for submission. (01/09/2017)

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Top Songs

Song Times Played Score
Tweezer 360 +489
Ghost 158 +307
Bathtub Gin 245 +299
Reba 350 +230
Harry Hood 359 +225

Top Shows

Show Location Score
2015-08-22 Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen, NY +114
1997-08-17 Loring Commerce Center at Loring Air Force Base Limestone, ME +100
1997-11-17 McNichols Arena Denver, CO +98
1995-12-31 Madison Square Garden New York, NY +91
1997-11-22 Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA +86

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